• Introducing the new GP Wise Grip!

    WiseGrip GP
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    Small Bore Closeup
  • WiseGrip can now fit large bore and small bore trombones!

    Small Bore King
  • Ergonomic accessory for increased comfort!

    Hand holding trombone slide
  • Sturdy, non-allergenic plastic. Snaps easily and securely in place

    Table shot

Introducing Wise Grip, the comfort accessory for trombone players.

Play longer with greater left-arm,
hand and upper body comfort with your Wise Grip.

Inspired by Earl Williams’ design that was patented in 1928, the Wise Grip is a removable version of the
elegant curved grip of the legendary Williams trombones. Find out more information on our About page.

The first release of the Grip is designed to fit a wide variety of large-bore tenor trombones and bass
trombones, see the list of instruments on our FAQ page.